Welcome to the Sketch Files

The sketch files is a platform for comedy writers, performers and producers to get together, collaborate and make a few laughs. You don’t need a particular set of skills or a tonne of money to get involved. All we require is a boat load of passion, a quirky mind and a very dark sense of humour. If this sounds like you then get in touch.


The internet is powered by memes. The Sketch files is no different. We love a good meme and so does our audience


Sketches are the backbone of The Sketch files. From short, snappy skits to longer more developed jokes. We love them.


We love making fun of almost anything. From fake adverts to movie spoofs and prime time tv. We’ll spoof anything


We are always on the lookout for musical genius’ we love producing funny music based projects.

Stand up

We love working with stand up comedians and are always on the look out to get involved with more.

Creative challenges

Nothing gets the creativity going like a challenge. We love producing content as part of a fun team under tight deadlines.

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VFX BREAKDOWN: The Incredible C***

VFX BREAKDOWN: The Incredible C***

VFX Breakdown: Burning buildings, matte painting & object removal. There are visual effects throughout "The Incredible C***"  some obvious and some not so. The most obvious being the burning building. So here is a VFX breakdown from film maker Liam Bauckham     I...

Store Now Open!

Store Now Open!

It has been a while since we have posted anything. Since creating Sketchfiles.lol we have been hard at work finishing off several long term projects. In the last quarter of 2017 we shot 2 visual effects heavy projects simultaneously. one of them being...

Yeovil Man

Yeovil Man

It has been a long time since we shot some new content for The Sketch Files. Yeovil man is our first in a new series of anti-heroes,  shot on location in Yeovil on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Yeovil Man has gone on to become our most popular sketch to...

Get involved

Whether you are an actor wanting to perform comedy, a content creator looking for ideas or simply just wanting to get involved. We are always looking to collaborate with passionate individuals. If this is you, we’d love to hear from you on the contact form below.