It has been a long time since we shot some new content for The Sketch Files. Yeovil man is our first in a new series of anti-heroes,  shot on location in Yeovil on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Yeovil Man has gone on to become our most popular sketch to date. Kris Fisher returns to The Sketch Files to play the part of Yeovil Man, an aggressive, cider drinking chav.

The inspiration came from Facebook of all places. When it comes to hometowns, people are usually divided into two camps.¬† Camp A: This town is a ********* and Camp B: This is the best place in the world, i was born here and i will die here…..

The inspiration came from watching Camp A and Camp B quarrel. So I decided I wanted to help out but creating Yeovil Man. I cannot for the life of my remember why we went with the 60’s Spiderman theme but it seemed to work out.

One of the unexpected side effects, which always makes me laugh is what happens when you type “Yeovil Man” into google.


With a little push from a Facebook campaign, Yeovil Man went on to become our most successful sketch to date. We even made it to the dizzying heights of Somerset live! Check out our interview here, which gives more info on the project, the fallout and a little bit about us.

Whats next? Well after shooting Yeovil Man we decided to shoot a “trailer” for a Phantom Shitter Reboot……. Sufficed to say. We are back in action.